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Doraemon brings the first-appearing secret gadget, “100% Friends-Calling Bell” to summon friends from all over the world to meet at the Avenue of Stars!

The world-famous Doraemon from the Future has inspired the dreams of fans around the world since its creation of the comics in 1970. Creative brand AllRightsReserved (ARR), which brought the DOUBLE DUCKS to Hong Kong last year, is following up on the “100 Years Before the Birth of Doraemon” exhibition hosted in 2012. After a 12-year hiatus, ARR and Fujiko Pro join hands again and proudly present the “100% DORAEMON & FRIENDS” Tour (Hong Kong), one of the world's largest Doraemon exhibitions. To be held from July 13 to August 11 at the famous landmark Avenue of Stars and Tsim Sha Tsui Harbourfront, this exhibition commemorates the 90th anniversary of Doraemon’s creator Fujiko F Fujio (Ticketed exhibition opens until 18 Aug). With both free-entry zones and ticketed exhibition areas, the show features the comprehensive Doraemon world of manga art and movies, some featured Doraemon sculptures will also make surprise appearances throughout Hong Kong, totally showcasing a distinctive collection of 135 sets of life-sized sculptures, most of these sculptures have never been exhibited before. The exhibition also brings an original animated short film tailored for Hong Kong and a secret gadget appearing for the first time in this event, "100% Friends-Calling Bell". Shaking this gadget can summon friends to come, closely following the theme of the exhibition "A true friend is always there when you need them" and calls on friends worldwide to come to Hong Kong to meet Doraemon at the Avenue of Stars.

TICKETED EXHIBITION Totaling an expansive 10,000 square feet, the exhibition space on the 6/F of K11 MUSEA brings loyal fans into the immersive and all-inclusive world of Doraemon. The two ticketed exhibition areas includes the “100% Doraemon Manga Art Exhibition Hall” and the “100% Doraemon Sculpture Park”.

The indoor "100% Doraemon Manga Art Exhibition Hall" features an exclusive screening of an animated short film commissioned by ARR, partnering with the Japanese animation team Shin-Ei Animation and tailored for Hong Kong. The exhibition hall will also feature an immersive room, interactive installations, replicas of high-quality original artworks, scenes from Doraemon’s long tales and featured movies, and a display of 17 sets of sculptures.

From the exhibition area at Harbourfront to the adjacent Sculpture Park, you will be surprised with 36 never-before-seen Doraemon sculptures at the “100% Doraemon Sculpture Park”. Amongst this life-size sculpture garden, visitors can become a part of the story and the exhibition and discover a variety of never-before-seen and unique Doraemon sculptures, including 13 Movie Doraemon sculptures, and 23 Doraemon sculptures including transformations like Sweet Potato Doraemon, Wild Wolf Doraemon, Nobita-and-Doraemon hybrid forms and other costumes.

FREE-ENTRY ZONE Located along the Avenue of Stars and the Tsim Sha Tsui harbourfront, the massive "100% Doraemon Outdoor Exhibited Area" (free entry) features the world's tallest 12-meter inflatable sculpture of Doraemon. Accompanied by 34 1:1 life-sized sculptures of Doraemon from manga and animation series, as well as 10 of Doraemon's friends and family, they will join together on this journey. The sculptures and the accompanying colossal comic panels create a breathtaking spectacle against the backdrop of the Victoria Harbour skyline.

The "100% Avenue of Stars" pays tribute to the Hong Kong film industry, with Doraemon and friends, including Nobita, etc elegantly dressed in formal attire, gracing the iconic Avenue of Stars with the comic-style standees of 13 Hong Kong film practitioners, showcasing along and walking across the Doraemon's theme color "blue" carpet.


To commemorate the first stop of the "100% DORAEMON & FRIENDS” Tour in Hong Kong, a series of exclusive collectibles will be released – including high-quality print, wooden sculpture (limited to 500 worldwide), Plush Toys, and more. The collectible series will be available for early access at the DDT Store starting on July 8.

Onsite sales will begin on July 13, including merchandise exclusively available at the venue. Further details of the souvenirs will be announced at a later date. The onsite pop-up store will be opened to the public, no reservation/ticket is required.



Ticketed exhibition

100% Manga Art Exhibition Hall

Ticketed exhibition

100% Doraemon Sculpture Park

Free entry

100% Doraemon Outdoor Exhibited Area

Free entry

100% Avenue of Stars

Let's become FRIENDS with Doraemon!

5.30 GET INVOLVED TOGETHER You can create your DORAEMON ID digital avatar by personalizing your own manga art character by picking up elements such as body type, face shape, skin color, hairstyle, and clothing, etc., and become a friend of Doraemon.

TICKETED EXHIBITION EXCLUSIVE Each ticketed visitor can unlock interactive and virtual stamp experiences within the exhibition using their DORAEMON ID, capturing every moment with Doraemon in a unique way. Gather the six “100% Digital Stamp” by scanning and collecting the virtual stamps in the exhibition!




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